The products from HIPO have been developed for HIPOwer applications. The proven high performance contact systems such as the spring wire contact and the crown band technologies are the basis of the high power connectors. Both systems ensure a high number of contact points in a connection. The result is a very low contact resistance and a high current rating.
Other notable advantages are:

  • Low insertion and withdrawal forces, therefore minimising the mechanical stress on the components.
  • High number of mating cycles and a hot pluggable capability due to specially designed contact areas.  

The current range includes the D-Series and the HIPOwer Compact PCI connector as well as busbar clips.  

D Series

The D-Series connector is specially developed for modular power supply. Simple and safe plug in of the modules is made possible by an integrated polarised guidance feature and a float mounting found usually in the back plane connector. With five types of termination and six contact sizes available the various HIPOwer connectors cover all applications. Pre- and post mate contacts ensure safe electro-mechanical sequenced mating and unmating. Special hot pluggable contacts allow the exchange of modules under load.  

The HIPOwer Compact PCI Connector

The HIPOwer Compact PCI connector is a high power connector for all systems which are based on the European Card Format. They are available in standard and inverted form with either straight or right-angled terminations for soldering, pressing or crimping. For specific applications the standard universal connector, 38- and 47-pin, with special loading including pre- and post mate contacts is available.  

Busbar Clip

Busbars become pluggable when using the HIPOwer- Busbar Clip. With the Crown Band contact elements, integrated in a funnel-formed fixture, modules are directly pluggable with busbars.