HIPO Systems stands for High Power Systems


HIPO Systems is the ideal partner for high current connectors and busbar connectors both of which are based on two proven contact techniques; spring wire contact and crown band contact.

All high current contacts are manufactured using these techniques.From these developments came the Drawer series, the rectangular connector for I/O applications,with a current capacity of up to 200 Ampere/600 volt when mounted to a busbar or 150 Ampere with crimp or screw termination. Connectors with signal and medium sized contacts for low current capacity for electronic applications are also included in our range. Naturally, individually loaded connectors are available therefore giving an optimal cost-performance product. 

As a standard product for the power-electronic sector there is the HIPOwer Compact PCI Connector. As a result of working together with our customers our range is much wider than just the 38 and 47 pin COMPACT PCI connectors which are most prevalent in the market.

The programme is completed with busbar connectors called Crown Clip or Power Clip for use up to 200 Ampere.

Customer specific high power connectors based on the spring wire or crown band contact technique is the speciality of HIPO-Systems and are available in small quantities as a cost effective alternative to standard solutions.

High current connectors from High Power Systems not only have use in power supplies but in all applications in the power-electronic sector where components carry over 10Ampere/600volt. The connectors are hot pluggable/hot swappable.